Day of Sustainability Symposium 2019

Day of Sustainability Symposium 2019: Let Action Be Your Reaction!

Curious to know more about the history, progress and prospects of sustainability? Excited to learn about the energy transition, waste management, true pricing and provincial perspectives on the green matter whilst getting hands-on experience in going circular? Then join us for the Day of Sustainability Symposium 2019 and let your action be your reaction to the challenges our planet is facing today!

Dive deep into the global, regional and personal chapters of a greener future in a combined initiative brought to you by the student organizations of the TU Delft that promote the preach and practice of sustainability on campus and beyond. This day, filled with insightful lectures and workshops, is designed to bolster the idea of letting our actions be our reactions towards making our earth one step greener day-by-day.

Amazing talks and workshops from the people of the municipality, industry, academics and research will give you a well-rounded idea of sustainability, and will pave the way for you to explore how you can make a difference. Filled with fun and knowledge, this day will help you know the tips and tricks of taking care of your plant, ponder over the true value of goods, assist your response to the climate clock and leave your mark for a better today, and a greater tomorrow.

An overview of what you can expect during the event:

Warm-up Speaker: How to balance an unbalanced student life- Franka Wigman- Groenhebjezelfindehand 🔆

Keynote: Sybren Bosch- Copper 8- A trip through the past, present and future of sustainability and the prospects surrounding it.🤔

Have you always pondered about the history behind the concept of sustainability? Does it interest you to find our how we got here in the firs place, how everything that is happening in the present world of sustainability is connected to the past and future and are you excited to identify ways of thoughts that can help us move forward and let action be our reaction to the current challenge faced by mother Earth? Sybren Bosch is here to give us a global perspective of the theme of the day and answering any questions blazing in your heart regarding the matter.

Lecture Round:

1. Energy Transition Dialogue: De-polarising our long term challenge -Jelte Bosma- Darel♻ [SOLD OUT]

In this condensed masterclass , elte will share some amazing eye-openers regarding our energy system and the ongoing transition to renewable energy. He will give insight and background to the perceived challenges and, together with the audience, seek ways out of the polarising debate in society.

2. Climate Adaptation of the City – ​Stephan Brandligt​- Delft Municipality🌏

Stephan Brandligt is the Deputy Mayor (wethouder) of Sustainability for the City of Delft. He will talk about climate adaptation in Delft: how should we deal with more extreme rainfall, droughts and heat? Stephan will explain what has been done in the past, what the current developments are and what challenges lay ahead, an interesting topic where the TU Delft and the City of Delft work closely together.

3. E- Waste- ​Hanneke Agterhuis- Renewi☘

E-waste. Discarded items that have a plug or a battery. Everyone generates it and this will only increase. But what happens after you throw this “away”? What are the challenges facing the e-waste recycling industry and how can TU Delft students help in solving these? In this lecture, Hanneke Agterhuis from Renewi will answer these questions and any others you might have about e-waste.

4. Sustainable Fashion & True Pricing- Florian Reuter- True Price & Impact Institute 🤞🏽

Florian will be with you to discuss the following:
Why true pricing: true costs as root cause of (un)sustainable production
What is true pricing and what are true prices?
How: frameworks, methods and developments
How: examples of true pricing, such as the True price of Jeans

Workshop Round:

1. Climate Clock- EBN & DAREL⏰ [SOLD OUT]

Energy transition in the industry – Mission (Im-)possible?!
In this very active session you will get insights in the specific energy transition challenges of major industry. In groups you’ll get to work on 10 real-life transition projects in order to stop the “climate-clock”. Together we’ll debate the large variety of stakeholders in society and seek ways to overcome their potentially paralysing differences.

2. ‘Waste Lab’- Michiel Faber, Philippe van der Pal & Renewi♻ [SOLD OUT]

3. Tips & Tricks to keep your plants safe- Rutger Spoelstra☘

Come join us in this hands-on workshop where you will be learning how plants live and how to make them happy! We will be planting our own seeds and plants in pots, which you can take home after the workshop. So if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty while learning news skills, this is the workshop for you! Mind: take a pot and egg carton (and something to carry it in) to the workshop. If you do not have a pot, write to us in the suggestions/comment section of the form. We will take care of it 🙂

4. Drivers and paradoxes in becoming a ‘green’ company offering ‘green’ products: sustainable product design- Prysmian Group ✅

Frank Middel is Sustainability Officer of Prysmian Group Netherlands. Prysmian Group is the world market leading manufacturer of power and communication cables.
In the workshop we will explore together the drivers and the paradoxes in becoming a sustainable company, developing sustainable products and services for a world that needs change.

5. Introduction to Activism – Extinction Rebellion 😀

Are you more and more concerned about the climate crisis, but haven’t figured out yet what to do about it? In this workshop we are offering you an insight into the world of activism. This often negatively labelled word has more potential than someone might think at first and during these two hours you will see why. We are from Extinction Rebellion, a movement of people concerned about the current climate situation and that chooses to stand up for it.

Want to join your lecture and workshop of choice? Then grab your spot asap by signing up via the link after the forms are released on 16 September 2019, and making the transfer for the ticket price. ☺

X- Subscription Holders: €4.50
Attendees without X- Subscription: €6

Seats are limited and the allocation of the workshop will be done on a first come first serve basis, don’t wait till the deadline!✅


Oct 09 2019


12:30 - 19:00

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  • Date: Oct 09 2019
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