Student Startup Program INFO SESSION

The Student Startup Program is here! Are you ready for a completley new overhauled program? In this (digital) info session, we will tell you all about what’s to come. After the short presentation there will be an active Q&A! Ready to tune in?
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We from YES!Delft Students see that a lot of students are coming up with great innovative ideas. We notice as well that they are missing out on like minded people to discuss their challenges and strategies. Besides that, a lot of students lack specific know-how of starting up a business as their expertise is mostly engineering. A result of that is that a lot of these students tend to stall or postpone real action with their start-up. Our mission is to help students with great ideas and unleashing their innovative potential.
We believe that a lot of the challenges students are facing with their start-up are quite common. By connecting these students with each other we hope they will inspire each other, by taking the leap and taking risks. This network could give you as well a frame of mind in which your interest in business is normal and you can discuss your business strategies and assumptions. This entrepreneurial community we are trying to connect and interact with each other.

We, as YES!Delft Students, expect high dedication to the programme. We want you, the entrepreneur, to grow to your full potential. We set the student entrepreneurs in charge of the programme by listening to the feedback of our start-ups. By doing this, we try to create a perfectly fitting solution to the lack of specific know-how.

Aside from application of consistent feedback, we will provide a structured program with the following set up:

Q1: Ideation
Stay in touch, find your cofounder(s)
In this stage we will actively look for startups in Delft to funnel together in the SSP

Q2: Validation
Validate your startup idea, check the product market fit
In this stage we will help the startups validate their idea’s and test the commitment

End-Q2: Batch reveal (The startups of 2020-2021)
This year we will reveal the carefully selected 12-15 startups who will continue the Student Startup Programme in Q2-Q3

Q3: Accelerator
Fresh from the reveal we will continue with intense workshops, peer to peer sessions, batch activities and many more! Get ready to scale up

Q4: Lift off!
In the last stage we will host Scouting night in which you, as a startup, have the chance to take the next big step into the world of entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide further scaling and support for the upcoming years!

Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for a year full of events, workshops, networking, hard work and celebrations!

The Student Startup programme is a completely FREE program, NO FEES, NO COMMISSIONS, nothing will be charged. Our full interest is in kick starting your business idea!


Oct 20 2020


20:00 - 21:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 20 2020
  • Time: 14:00 - 15:30