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YES!Delft Students organises many events through the year. Our events always consist of a part where students learn some entrepreneurial skills to develop their skillset and afterwards the event ends with drinks and/or dinner. For your company it is possible to attend one of our events or help organising the event. In this way you can meet the highly motivated students and link with them. if you want to participate in an event, please contact us via:

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Social Media

YES!Delft Students has a facebook, instagram and linkedin account. All of these channels together have a following of 6000+ students. We use these channels to spread our content and update our following about upcoming events. There is also space for companies to get the attention of our students!

Mailing list

Every month we send an e-mail to our mailing list with over 1000 respondants. In this e-mail we update our followers about upcoming events and other updates. In this e-mail we always have space for companies to attract the attention of our students!

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Contact our Business Affairs for more information about the possibilites to partner with your company or organisaton!

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About YES!Delft Students

YES!Delft Students is a student led organisation by five Delft University of Technology students. All five of them put their studies on hold for one year to organise events and programs for other students for a whole year. In this year the the five student board members learn a lot of soft and hard skills to will help them further in their professional career. 

We would love to involve your company in the proces of organising one of our events. Or possibly come in contact with your future colleagues or customers. With the events YES!Delft students raises money to keep the foundation up and running. Most of the money raised will always go into the event to make the events of an even higher quality. The board members do NOT get paid!

Stichting YES!Delft Students

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