The THINK Entrepreneurial master electives consist of six courses:

  • TPM401 – Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Q1,Q2,Q3)
  • TPM402 – Technology Entrepreneurship and Health (Q1)
  • TPM403 – Technology Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (Q4)
  • TPM404 – Technology Entrepreneurship and Global Development (Q1)
  • TPM405 – Patent Law and Patent Policy (Q1)
  • TPM406 – Corporate Venturing and Startups (Q2)

Each of these courses uses existing business cases which help you learn more about conceptual models and methodologies essential to understanding the entrepreneurial and innovation processes. 


These are a set of courses that offer theoretical fundamentals of entrepreneurship and technology innovation related to a specific context, e.g. TPM401 in Digital (5 ECTS), TPM402 in Health (5 ECTS), TPM403 in Sustainable (4 ECTS) and TPM404 in Global Entrepreneurship (4 ECTS). You will analyse a case study of an existing start-up analyzing its entrepreneurial journey, how it fits the broad technology development process and how it navigates the relevant entrepreneurial ecosystem. This course helps you prepare for a wide array of career paths, from starting or joining a technology start-up to academic research on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation.

In this course you will learn the value of IP – Intellectual Property Rights such as patents for start-ups and how to develop IP strategies to ensure freedom of operation and keep imitators at bay.

This course examines how large corporations engage startups to tap into new markets, technologies and business models. You will develop knowledge and skills to analyse strategic situations of existing corporates and how they innovate through engaging startups. The course provides an eye on corporate startup engagement from both the corporate and startup perspective.